Why Compost?

A landfill scientist talks about guacamole he found while excavating a landfill in the late ’90s: “Almost as good as new, it sat next to a newspaper apparently thrown out the same say. The date was 1967.”

We all assume if we throw food scraps into the trash, they’ll just decompose in the landfill, right? Wrong. If organic waste doesn’t get oxygen, it doesn’t break down – so your banana peel just mummifies and releases methane into the air.

And when food waste is 20-30% of what ends up in our landfills, that’s a big problem.

Composting – turning your food scraps into fertilizer – is the easy answer. But not everyone has the space or time for composting. Enter Green Indy Compost.

How it works

How does Green Indy Compost work_

  1. We give you a bin and you throw your organic waste in. (Don’t worry – we’ll also give you a list of what you can/can’t compost!)
  2. We pick up the bins once a week and take them to local composting spots.
  3. Your scraps are slowly cooked into fertilizer to help grow new plants.

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